GL Controls for Multi-site

We have a multis-site environment, and have successfully setup GL controls to replace the division segement for our inventory related trans actions (PUR-STK, STL-PLT, etc…). The substitution of the sites division into the GL Acct number is automatic.

Now we want the same to happen for non-inventory purchases.

Is it possible to setup GLC to override the division segment for expensed purchases?

It looks like the GL Acct specified on the PO release is used regardless of the site it is received to.

Doing the following:

  1. Enter a PO in site GUTH (divison 11)
    a. For receipt at GUTH
    b. For an expensed item (say shop supplies), purchase type Other(PUR-UKN)
    c. Select GL acct 6150-00-01 (SHOP SUPPLIES)
  2. Receive the PO at site GUTH

I’d like the receipt to actually go to acct 6150-11-00 (SHOP SUPPLIES - GUTH), and not the one specified on the PO (6150-00-01)

Yes, I can specify the correct account (6150-11-01) when entering the PO, but its a mistake that the buyers make all too often.

Turns out that I have to use the Part Class to set the GL account, in order for the division to be automatically set.

If I don’t select a Part Class (or select one without a GLC setup), and manually enter a GL account, whatever I enter is used. It ignores the Site aspect.

We are wanting to replace Division GL control setting to overlap the product group GL control setting for the sales and cost of goods but haven’t successfully tested this out. Do you use this?