GL Journal Entry

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Do you know how we can use other currencies… Unable to select any other currency other than GBP. We have GL Accounts which are reporting EUROs and USD…

Any idea on how to change this without it affecting other things.

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Do you have the multi-currency license?

The individual currencies will show up on the actual journal entry when you select the GL Account

We do have the licensing for this

Any other experts willing to chip in and help me figure out why we cannot post to foreign currencies?

It only allows GBP and the box is grey.

I believe journal entry groups are only in the currency of the book being journaled. If you have multi currency, I think the individual entries within the group can be entered at other currencies and it will book it under the GBP (as long as you have the rates in).

1 is journal currency rate.
2 is journal book rate (set by the book definition).

[FWIW] I no longer have access to a multi currency setup…

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That’s an easy one mate, under your Account Segment value you need to set the Chart segment as multi currency or restricted currencies, depending if you want all your currencies to be available or just a selection of them.
Once you setup this at the segment you should be able to do JE with multiple currencies.

Important reminder, this will not post in your books within multiple currencies, is just a subledger using the base currency as an anchor vs another currency

Hope this helps