Global Part Classes

Has anyone managed to get global part classes working in Epicor with multi-company setup? Noticed that part classes have a ‘GlobalPartClass’ field that can be edited when using the List view in the Part Class Entry interface. When looking through the database tables there is a GlbPartClass table - again indicating that global part classes should be possible in Epicor.

However nowhere can I find this documented in any Epicor manual, and even when manually setting the field GlobalPartClass=true on a part class it doesn’t actually ever load in any of the intercompany or global tables, and I can’t seem to access this class from within my child company. As far as I can see its a similar situation for Product Groups - I’m wondering if Epicor half setup these objects for global capability but never actually followed through.

Jason - I don’t believe it works. You need to setup Part Class, Product Group, etc in child company. When you check Global flag, you should be able to data in IntQueOut table.