Going live with upgrade from 10.1.400 to 10.2.300

Just finished up the server side stuff (backed up 10.1 DB, Restored to 10.2 DB, upgraded DB, ran workbench, etc …)

So fat so good!

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Good luck there @ckrusen, not that you should need it. Staring down the barrel a 6th of Jan go live here…Gulp!

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We are ready to jump from 10.1.600.35 to 10.2.400.14 on 12/22.
Should be a nice Christmas present!


Chris Wineinger
Dorner Mfg

Hope it all went well! I upgraded us to 10.2.400.17 from 10.2.400.14 this weekend.

Just curious…How come not 10.2.500?

Because when we started the upgrade project 10.2.500 wasn’t released yet.

And 10.2.400 was just released, and we didn’t want to fight new release bugs at the same time as upgrade bugs.