Group Shipping? Is this a real thing?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to specify “group shipping”, in Epicor?

Our Business Case:
It looks like going forward that we will need to ship all releases tied to a specific line on a Customers sales order together. We will often break up large qty’s into smaller jobs for production, but Customer wants the shipment of those different releases to travel together.

Think this has more to do with how the Order is set up, but am looking for ideas from the group.



Master Pack?


Does the customer just want to see a shipping document with a single line item? That’s more of a reporting issue, you’d need to create a Pack List document that groups together part numbers. Epicor will by default show each release on a separate pack line.

I can sell you one :stuck_out_tongue:

Code available here: Sharing my 1300 lines of code - #6 by hkeric.wci - Off Topic - Epicor User Help Forum


Fulfillment workbench would allow you to grab all the releases to send to a pick/pack/ship (unless it is Make Direct, at which point, FWB doesn’t do this).

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Tim speaks the truth - mine handles make direct as well

Couldn’t you just ship all the releases on the same packing slip or am I missing something?

Mark is on the money. As long as they all have the same shipping address, which in this scenario they would have to if they want them all shipped together… then master pack is a great way to take individual customer shipments (“packs”) and bring them together on one MASTER PACK. @knash

Caveat - master pack wont work with Manifest (because of the phantom pack)

I wasn’t aware of that, we are looking into manifest right now, but we don’t use the phantom pack feature so I think we should be alright if we do add it on to our install. I also don’t know if @knash is using manifest either. I don’t think it was specified.

I think that manifest functions off of phantom pack - which is unfortunate since you cant use phantom pack for international shipments. I havent even touched Manifest myself - I’ve just heard this things in passing.

I do know a smart guy that may have some insight into that though - @bderuvo

The question @knash posted appears to be more directly related to order entry and tying the releases together. Go with @timshuwy on this and use Fulfillment workbench.
If the releases need to ship together, keep it simple and setup only a single release per line. Order entry has two check-boxes, Ship Order Complete and Ship Lines Complete. Take a look at those two settings as well.

And since you dragged me and manifest into this…

Epicor has the phantom pack function to create multiple cases (boxes) for a pack slip. If connected to Manifest, manifest will create a tracking number and print a label for each case. This function is called phantom because Epicor does not track the contents of each package, just that you shipped some stuff and it went in 3 boxes. You can combine orders on a pack slip as long as the address is the same. Domestic only.

Master Pack combines pack slips, still requires the same shipto. Does not support pack slips with phantoms. each pack slip can be freighted separately though Manifest and the package contents are tracked by each pack slip.


BTW: Manifest does work with Masterpack - has forever

Also If you decide to use Fulfillment workbench don’t forget you can dd Wave Picking , Allocate and Pick as a wave (a group of order releases)

Wait… Stop the presses…
I just noticed something… You say that you break up quantities in order entry RELEASE so that the jobs will be smaller?
But this is not necessary. If you set the Max Lot size in Part Site screen, then when MRP creates jobs, it will automatically split up job.
for example, if you have an order for 100 pieces, and you set the max Lot size to 30, you will get 4 jobs… three for 30 each, and a 4th job for 10. They will all be scheduled to complete by the required date on the sales order. It should NOT be up to the sales team to deside the lot sizes. This is something that production decides.

Thanks all for the feedback I am meeting with the business user today to review. I will be scrolling through this page during the meeting. lol


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@Chris_Conn I was looking at your screens about master pack on this thread and looks like something that can help my company out if you have some time to talk about it.