Handling 'factory seconds' in Epicor

Sometimes we produce Part-A and it isn’t good enough to be Part-A, but we have some customers who will buy it at a discounted price. We store this part in inventory as Closeout-Part-A.

I’m questioning if the different part number is even technically correct, but I’m operating on the assumption it’s fine.

I’m wondering how other folks handle this situation, specifically trying to accurately track/record it in Epicor.

Avenues I am considering:

  1. Operator records quantities in MES for job 123 for Part-A accurately, entering prod and scrap quantities.
  2. Nonconformance is done on the operation for the quantity that will become closeout-part-a.
  3. ncf is failed and then the DMR is accept to material, on a job to produce closeout-part-a, where part-a is the material.
  4. issue material and finish job 234 for closeout-part-a normally.

  1. Step one is the same
  2. add closeout-part-a as a co-part to job 123 and just do a job receipt for closeout-part-a against job 123

Have you thought about using Salvage? You can even enter the Salvage part number on the MOM to make it easier for the floor.

I explored that but to me it reads like I am salvaging a material on the job, which doesn’t seem accurate to me.

I am leaning towards the co-part method. I cam hoping I can do something similar there where I can add the co-part to the engineering, so it’s obvious, and doesn’t need to be added to the job every time.

We have that same type of situation, but what we do is accept the product to a non-nettable bin out of DMR. MRP will not see those, but you can look at your quantities in the Part Tracker bin. If you’re serial tracked it gets a little more involved - but basically if you sell a factory second you would want to transfer out of the non-nettable bin to a nettable bin so you don’t throw your inventory off.