Happy 4th of July

I know that to those outside of the United States, July 4th is just another day… but to those of us who live here, it is a day where people celebrate by having picnics, eating hamburgers and hot-dogs, and watching fireworks with friends and family…
Hope you all have a great day, no matter where you live.
I will be celebrating by spending my morning (and hopefully not my afternoon) replacing my old tank style hot water heater with a brand new tank-less hot water heater. It requires a little re-piping of hot/cold water lines as well as the Gas line.
It will look something like this when complete:


This reminds me of one of the episode in Breaking Bad where Mr. White replaces his own hot water tankless system.

this will be my second install of a tankless system. First time was 18 years ago (in another house).

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How is it going?

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@Chris_Conn now we know who to call when we need a Contractor for our Tankless System.


I’m no plumber (but I was a licensed electrician), and that plywood would have to be painted if that was an Electrical panel mounted to it. Inspectors always demanded it, even though there was nothing in the NEC.

I hope your Fourth went UNEVENTFULLY and it was just the morning spent in your basement!

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Yeah, home repair is such a tankless job.

(Your Independence Dad Joke of the Day)


I’ve had a Rinai Tank-less for over a decade and love it - though back in the day I had to institute some cruel workarounds for my teenage daughter living in the shower since hot water would never end.

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Is that the daughter that just got married? That might have been the BEST workaround… but perhaps a decade ago might have been a little early…

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turned into an all day job (about 12 hours) in the Garage (we dont have basements in California)

Progress report: before and after photos: worked for about 10 hours. Purchased “everything I needed” on amazon. But in the end, spent another 200+ during 5 additional trips to Lowe’s Hardware for plumbing supplies (copper fittings, gas line, pvc air ducting, drywall, etc).

BEFORE shot (Blue bucket catching water);

View after the old unit was removed, and the house plumbing moved to the bottom (about 4 feet) The three lines at the bottom are Hot, Cold, and pressure relief line)

“Finished” view of PVC Venting (Yes, this is to spec - so efficient that there is cool air exiting the unit!)

Bottom view of the Plumbing. Hot water, cold water, emergency relief valve Natural Gas line, and a condensation drain all had to be hooked up.

Overall view of finished install (Still need some drywall work and painting of plywood)


My dad always told me that anyone who owns a house and says they have nothing to do are either lying through their teeth or paying someone else to do it.

Glad it’s done and working… and you’re probably even gladder that Lowe’s was open!

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Looks good. I think in the hardware store, there are some insulation that you can get for the Hot water copper pipe so that you won’t lose as much heat during winter.

Yes, I plan on insulating the copper, but here in California, our “Cold” weather never gets below freezing. not quite as important, but still a good idea. I see you live in Melbourne… your weather is about the same as San Clemente California (except you get more rain).image