Happy Holidays

I wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays no matter your style or celebration. I have been so impressed with the Epicor community since I started working with the software a handful of years ago. Thank you for being a part of it. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all your help (though you probably didn’t even realize you were helping me, I’m a forum creeper).

I hope everyone has a prosperous 2023!


Thanks Maxwell! Same to you!

We prefer “lurker”, the only creeper here is @Banderson :joy: #Driveby #NotSorry

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insert snappy comeback here

I got nuthin,

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Mix cold weather + baking? Favorite time of year!

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Happy Holidays all!

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Happy Holidays Max!! Hug that little one tight for me :heart: and enjoy your time with your family!!!


From your friendly neighborhood robot - who is certainly not looking to take your job…
From ChatGPT.

Write a holiday story about the most active members of epiusers, a support forum for solving code problems.

It was the holiday season and the members of the epiusers support forum were in high spirits. The forum, which was known for its active and helpful community of programmers, had seen an increase in activity as people rushed to finish their projects before the end of the year.

At the heart of the forum were a group of dedicated users who spent their days helping others solve their coding problems. These were the most active members of the forum, and they were known for their quick responses and in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages.

As Christmas approached, the active members of the forum decided to come together for a special holiday celebration. They planned a festive potluck dinner at the local community center, where they would share their favorite holiday recipes and exchange gifts.

On the night of the potluck, the community center was filled with the smell of roasting turkeys and the sound of holiday music. The active members of the forum had all brought their best dishes, and the tables were laden with a feast fit for a programmer’s paradise.

As they sat down to enjoy their meal, the active members of the forum reflected on the past year and all that they had accomplished together. They had helped countless people solve their coding problems and had formed a close-knit community in the process.

After dinner, they exchanged gifts and shared stories of their holiday traditions. It was a joyous and festive occasion, and everyone left feeling grateful and thankful for the friendships they had formed through the epiusers forum.

As the holiday season came to a close, the active members of the forum looked forward to the new year and all the coding challenges it would bring. They knew that, no matter what came their way, they would always have each other to turn to for support and guidance. The end.

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It spelled GIFs wrong…



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I’d be upset if I got that switch too. It doesn’t even have flanges for rack mounting.

Got to second that sentiment @Schae235 Best wishes for 2023 and all things going well hope to catch up with everyone at Insights 2023.

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