Happy Thanksgiving

We have lots to be thankful for and sometimes we forget to let others know how much we appreciate them. Let me take this moment to thank everyone here. In honor of the week, here is my last photo I took from my deck of the local wildlife. This one posed for me.


Same you Tim

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Indeed, we do Tim.

I appreciate you and your involvement on this forum and within Kinetic.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Same to you Tim.

They wanted to make sure you got their good side!! They don’t like how their wattle looks from the left side.

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Thanks for always being around for the help for the group!

Happy Thanksgiving Tim and to everyone here!


Same to you Tim and everyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving! :turkey:

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These are what the turkeys do in my “office” window. Scares the crap out of me sometimes.

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It’s really just the gov making sure you’re behaving.

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#BirdsArentReal :safe_harbor:


Was going to link Birds aren’t real but Jose beat me to it…

It’s probably @josecgomez s checking on me to make sure I’m working…

This is honestly the highlight of my day. Thank you.

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Rob Joyce on X: “Did you know? The @birdsarentreal movement isn’t just a quirky conspiracy theory. It’s a brilliant lesson in disinformation. Watch the TED Talk to see how it teaches us to question what we read online. Before you believe and share, apply critical thinking. https://t.co/wjzwv65Fsy” / X (twitter.com)

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I’m more of the belief that Squirrels aren’t real… :chipmunk: :peanuts:

#SquirrelsArentReal :chipmunk:

What sound does a Turkey’s cell phone make?

“Wing-Wing…Wing-Wing” :calling: :turkey:

Why don’t you set a turkey next to the mashed potatoes at the dinner table?

Cause it will Gobble them up! :turkey:

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps! :smiley:


Same to you and yours, Tim.

You and your team have made a lot of strides forward and your efforts are greatly appreciated, so thank you.

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Happy Thanksgiving all


Years ago that joke was “It’s Sallie Mae trying to reach you about your student loans.”

They aren’t still knocking on your door too?

I just got better at hiding.

Big Cat Rescue Glasses GIF by Cameo