Have social distancing rules reached the internet?


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Everyone must be watching the cat show on Netflix…

I think social distancing isnt working in America as well as it has in other countries because they’re using 2 meters as the distance. And we did a lazy job with the conversion.

6 feet is only 1.829 meters (only 91% of 2 m).

Assuming the intensity goes with square of the radius, 6 ft is only 83% as effective as 2 m.

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Would it change anything though? I don’t think it would. People would still ignore the social distancing guidelines. We have a very different culture and government is viewed differently.

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I read an article about what China did, and how it would NEVER work in the US.

Edit, here it is.

LoL @Hally we spend all day on the computer and at 10PM (my time) I was fighting with the 3 kids to go bed sigh


“Did you know I was number one on Facebook? I just found out I’m number one on Facebook. I thought that was very nice for whatever it means.” - Trump, during Crisis Press Conference.

Well you will never be #1 on Twitch or LinkedIn, take that Drumpf.

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From limited observations in my neighborhood, seems like the distancing is hit and miss.

This scene occurred recently just across the street from my house.
Three girls had stopped by thier grandmothers house. The girls were well over 2 meters from the front porch as they conversed with grandma. However, those same three girls were only separated by a couple of feet. So the girls do get some points for good intentions but ultimately would receive a failing grade for their execution.

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