Hello from Epicor, Insights 2020!

Greetings, this is my first post in this forum! I assembled the Insights 2019 Tools and Technology track for Epicor ERP (attached) and am looking for more Tools and Technology Customer-led sessions for next year, as these Tools&Tech customer presenters were so awesome this year:
Jose Gomez
Rob Bucek
Bryan DeRuvo
Joshua Giese
Jon Craft
Bill Lazzell
Patrick Laitt
Andrew Murdock
Joseph Moeller
Brandon Anderson
Mark Wonsil
Jason O’Conner
(Did I miss anyone?)

Request #1: Would you like to speak on a topic next year, but not used to public speaking? Don’t worry! We rehearse with all of our Tools and Tech customer presenters. We could possibly even arrange for you to co-present with an Epicor employee. Please start sending me your ideas on topics you could present or post them here! We are not ready to officially announce yet what our registration discount is for customer speakers at Insights 2020, but I can tell you that it has been 50% off in past years, 10% off in a customer panel.

Request #2: Take a look at the list of 2019 Tools and Tech topics attached because I am interested in your feedback. I would like to see a LOT more customer-led Advanced Tools and Tech sessions. Please keep in mind that we always have a significant number of new customers at each Insights so we do need to keep some fundamentals sessions–which ones would be most beneficial for them?
Insights 2019 Tools and Technology Sessions for Epicor ERP.xlsx (10.0 KB)

Thank you!



I would probably like to do a couple. Not quite sure what I would pick yet, but I could do a range from simple BAQ dashboards that we use, up to some pretty interesting coded customizations. I would imagine that by insights next year, I will have some more things to show, so I’m not sure which things it would be yet. But a more basic tools usage, and a more advanced use case would be something I would be interested in presenting.


clickup cough


Welcome aboard @ecain! and thanks for helping us with our panel and sessions this year!


So many topics…

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Spilling the beans less than a week from getting back! c’mon man! :laughing:

I am game to present BAQ/BPM…Rest calls even…

Real world application from Business Case to Production. Maybe nothing new for the pros, but a real deep dive for the newer folks.

As for feedback, please space out the presentations. It felt like the more technical ones (there were exceptions I know just generalizing to make it sound better) got bunched up on Thursday.

I like the technical track idea!!!


Maybe we can get some “Girls Who Code” this year? What do you say Nerdettes?


I second that!!!

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@knash you are definitely correct sometimes I think we take for granted that the simplest deep dive is not technical enough, but for new users it may be amazing.

@ecase I am definitely interested but not sure what topic yet but have ideas.

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I’m back in action for Insights 2020 - probably helps that it’s in my backyard.

You can sign me up for “Some Technical Presentation”. TBD


And if you present enough you’ll probably get in for free so you only have to take vacation time to be there!

J/k. It’ll be good to see you again Chris. We missed you this year.


Likewise fellas (and ladies)! I know nobody is as excited as me for Nashville, but at least I can get you a good pizza :smiley:


I’d do it if I could ever figure out how to not be terrified of public speaking. :sweat:
Maybe someday…


Didn’t you just win the RUG cup? How did you do that without public speaking? :wink:

Very painfully.
And they only made me speak for about 15 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome @ecain!
And thank you for getting a jump on this and including us in the process - we all really appreciate that.

I’ll second the existing comments about bulking up on a single day, and that there certainly not enough of the customer-led sessions in general.

But I’d like to extend the thought that we really need to clarify if the session is going to be a deep dive (Real world REST for example) or an ‘intro’ to an advanced topic - something like “Extending Epicor and Including your specific business processes through custom BPMs and UI Customizations”. This is one that I could do next year, if I too could figure out

like @hmwillett. :slight_smile:

A number of us, in conversation this year, made the comment that “Advanced” in the title is very misleading. I’d like to suggest that you drop the ‘advanced’ and ‘deep dive’ adjectives and think more along the lines of a classification. Maybe just proceed each title with “Technical”, "Customer-Led’, ‘Customizing’ or some set of widely understood adjectives that allow everyone to really know what they are getting in to when attending a session. Just a thought…


I think I agree with @MikeGross about the use of “advanced”. It’s really hard because that term is so relative. Maybe instead of trying to use terms like that, may a list of per-requisite knowledge is included in the description. Which area to be advanced in is important to know.

Maybe some coaching for the presenters too to start their presentation with the assumptions of what the audience should know would help with the questions that should be taken off line. Really that’s one of the things that can really mess up a presentation is when you get stuck with basic questions and can’t get through the things that they are trying to show.

I don’t really know for sure. It’s definitely a tough problem to solve. Anytime you have a large group/class you will have a range of expertise.


Sorry that I wasn’t in Vegas this year but I could possibly be persuaded to present next year since I do fall into that “girls that can code” category :wink: