Help w/ auto startup of 4GL & SQL Servers (ODBC) 5.0

We have two Vantage 5.0 DBs:


Each has the ability to support two differant types of clients, one
type of client is the standard Vantage/Epicor user, the other client
are our ODBC users. We use two seperate TCP/IP ports per DB for a
total of four in use.

We restore yesterdays backup of the live data into the training DB in
order to test changes.

I use the following cmd to shut down the training DB: (works)

F:\EPIC50\PROGRESS\bin\_mprshut -by F:\EPIC50\vntgtrn\db\vantage.db

I use the following cmd to start the training DB: (problems)

F:\EPIC50\PROGRESS\bin\_mprosrv F:\EPIC50\vntgtrn\db\vantage.db -N
TCP -H ultratool -S epic50trn -ld Vantage

The start command activates the service that allows the Epicor users
to access the training DB, but the ODBC services do not activate.

The only solution I have found is to shut down the DB via the above
mentioned cmd, and then use the Progress explorer tool to activate
the Epic50trn DB.

Am looking to automate the above.

Ric Mellon
IT Manager
Ultra Tool Group