Help with a condition

I am having some issues with my condition…

I want to make sure these three text boxes have value…before you can press OK"

I am currently using "{{!TransView.UD03PartNum && !TransView.Qty && !TransView.FaultDesc}}" but it being TransView… I guess the UI doesn’t know the column has changed… I just keep getting the error message when I press “OK” but the data is present…

When I was working in Kinetic hanna helped me get my filters working. I was trying to filter on blanks and used this syntax:

'{TransView.myPartNum}' !== 'undefined' &&  '{TransView.myPartNum}' !==''

Data Entry Form in Kinetic - Kinetic 202X - Epicor User Help Forum (
Based on this I would suggest you verify the location of the single quotes, and then verify the name of the UD03PartNum field in your transview. It might actually be UD06_PartNum.
Good luck!

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No luck…

"'{TransView.UD03PartNum}' !== 'undefined' &&  '{TransView.UD03PartNum}' !=='' && '{TransView.FaultDesc}' !== 'undefined' &&  '{TransView.FaultDesc}' !=='' && '{TransView.Qty}' !== 'undefined' &&  '{TransView.Qty}' !==''"

@hmwillett Any thoughts?

Cracked it…

It doesn’t like the " " the hover [corrected for @klincecum pleasure] over hint says to use " " that’s so miss leading…

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{TransView.UD03PartNum}' !== 'undefined' &&  '{TransView.UD03PartNum}' !=='' && '{TransView.FaultDesc}' !== 'undefined' &&  '{TransView.FaultDesc}' !=='' && '{TransView.Qty}' !== 'undefined' &&  '{TransView.Qty}' !=='' 
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Do you think it’s possible to bolt columns onto this DataView

Via a BPM I have done a event which bolts them on via a erp-rest then row-update but it breaks so many other things… You’ve done this before with Job Entry but how would I bolt on columns from RMADtl?

I need couple UD columns from that and one native column…

I don’t know where to start…

Only because it was the only way to make it work with the current iteration of tools/controls

If you want to explain in detail what you need, we’ll start from there. Let’s not jump straight to
the big hammer.

Okay dokey! If you take a look at Case Entry (Kinetic)… ugh Kinetic… . You will notice a grid called “RMA” which is bound to a DataView called “HDCaseRMA” which seems to be generated from some internal code with just the RMA number on it and some other useless crap.

I need to get data from RMADtl a child of RMAHead -

My columns are

I thought this would be easy, I can just call a BAQ and pass some parameters to it and bind the data to a DataView of my own I named “RMABAQ” which worked perfectly, I seen my data then proceeded to do a row-update to add those columns to “HDCaseRMA” which worked…I seen my data in that dataview.

The annoying part is when I tried to go out of the current screen back to the landing page it would error saying HDCaseRMA has been updated which it has… I couldn’t figure out how to avoid it from doing it without breaking some base logic.

This the point I am at… Hence asking for the big hammer…

Dammit, I refuse to believe this is the only way.
Let me think on it.

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Can the RowMod be set in a row-update?
If so, maybe set that to Empty String when it’s added.

Hmm…not sure.

I’m going to have another bash tomorrow as its 10pm here…and ive been working on case entry since 8am… ill let you know the outcome

Test yet?

I think I have something that avoids the big hammer and works, I’ll let you know soon.

Do these need to be updated in any way, or just viewed?

Just viewed

Before I go there, I had another thought.

Would a FKV work? I haven’t tried this yet, but add a new dataview, make it a child of the one you are adding columns to, and then add your columns to the grid like before. Instead of row-update, set the new columns epi-binding to your child dataview.

Obviously, populate your child dataview with something at an appropriate load point.