Help with passing a value between tables

I have a request to be able to have a UD field show on a report if a checkbox is checked on the quote or the sales order.
I started off creating a UD boolean field in QuoteHed.
I then set up the quote report to show the info if the box was true. Works fine.
Then they decided a checkbox needs to be on the sales order to show the same info.
I am trying to pass the value from the QuoteHed UD field to the OrderHead UD field of the same name.
I figured a BPM would work fine. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a good way to pass the value if the Sales Order is created from the Quote. It looks like there are 2 different ways to create the sales order from quote.

  1. In the quote, you can go to Actions->Quote: Create Sales Order.
  2. In the sales order, you can go to Actions: Get Opportunity/Quote.

What and how are the best ways to do what I need?

Any help is appreciated and if more info is needed, let me know and I will fill in more details.

Take a look at

You’ll need to have a similar BPM for the two ways (In Quote → Create Order, or in Order → Get Quote).

Could you use the method directive Erp.SalesOrder.OrderDtlGetNewFromQuote ? (did not try…sorry )


There is a third one as well… there is a “get line from quote” which is a 3rd method.