Hey Pierre, nice truck!

@Hogardy I just followed this guy up a street near my house, looks familiar!

Don’t often see a pickup with a 53’

that’s awesome.

Yes. It was actually a cheaper solution for more local deliveries than using a external transport service. And that solution was cheaper and more versatile that a full blown truck!

But it generated for me a few Epicor modifications in the shipping area to take into account same truck, different deliveries (where usually one truck is filled for one customer)

But I can see you put yourself in a difficult position by taking this picture… using your cell on the road… being against the local law!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :thinking: :wink:

BTW: We should think about being able to meet in a near future ? I have my VaxiCode !


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Don’t worry, I checked carefully for cops… :sunglasses:

Yes, me too! Some of us are too busy getting stuff done to join protests :roll_eyes:

It would be good to meet up sometime, I should have invited you to our company BBQ last week. Trying to complete a SalesForce integration right now and sell my house (want to buy a house in Pointe-Claire? ), and winterize the new place, then should have some time in a few weeks. Chez Tim Horton on Don Quichotte?

I live in NDIP now, so I should see your truck often!