Hide Consignee on Cust Shipment Entry

Hi guys,

How can I hide (or rename) the Consignee option on the Customer Shipment Entry > Manifest Info > Billing tab?

It’s a dropdown list, but no reference or OpenWith option, so I assume Epicor has it hard-coded. We don’t use it, and would like to prevent folks from selecting it to mistake proof.


I found these threads:

Cant you just set the Visible property to false?

We’d like to have the rest of the Billing Type dropdown options available. Is there a way to hide just Consignee? The customization tools lists it as Array, but clicking it doesn’t break them out.

Hi Andris,
Did you ever get an answer on hiding Consignee from the Billing Type dropdown options? We would like to do this as well.


@jbryant - We couldn’t suppress Consignee, since it was a native Epicor list item. I ended making a simple little BPM that pops up an exception when Consignee is selected.

Thanks for the reply. That’s a good idea.