Hide from MRP

I’d like to have MRP ignore quantities in certain locations, and maintain visibility of the quantities in those locations. Non-nettable bins solves 1/2 the equation however, I don’t know of a way to show the quantities that are in those locations. Ideally this would be handled within a dashboard. Is there a way to show quantities to us humans (quantity visibility) and hide it from the machine (MRP)?

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Bruce B.

We put customer consigned material in non-nettable. You can see it in part tracker and we did a customization to put it on the header of the time phase screen. I have a bpm that will alert a buyer to the existence of non-nettable material.


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The quantities are visible in the PartBin table. You can use that to build a simple dashboard, quick search, etc.

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After testing this worked great. This was actually a silly question. Should have simply tested. Instead read and misinterpreted help file.

Thanks guys.