Hide marquee

If that scrolling marquee (“Come share what you know with our community…”) is annoying you, paste the following in the browsers address bar, delete the initial underscore, and press enter.

_javascript:(function(){ $("marquee").hide();})();

If you try to paste it without the initial underscore, the browser will most likely strip out the javascript: part.

Also, only tested on Chrome


If you want to make it more annoying, use:

_javascript:(function(){ $('#global-notice-alert-global-notice')[0].style['background-image']="url('https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/babygif.gif?w=100&crop=0')";})();

haha, it’s only annoying psychologically - they should pay us properly to speak, Epicor wouldn’t even be viable without the various users’ communities. Of course, neither would Windows.

Can you add the hamster dance song in somehow?

They give you a healthy discount 🤷

_javascript:(function(){ $('#global-notice-alert-global-notice').prepend("<div><audio controls autoplay><source src='http://pphchat.com/resources/sounds/dodo.wav' type='audio/mpeg'></audio></div>")})();

Brilliant! Now that song can go through everybody’s head!

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