Home Office Setups

Thought it might be fun to share pictures of our home office setups since we are mostly all trapped there anyways. It’s interesting how people prefer their stuff configured or how they manage a small space. Here’s mine. Wife sits on left I sit on right. Too cheap to buy a desk so i made just a wall of shelves lol


Me on the Left, Wife on the Right

Ikea Puzzle Desk #CheapAndEfficient


where are the kids :rofl:, mine will be over that shelf of yours first and before even putting anything on it or painting the whole floor

I have a bed next to the desk, so I can code around the clock. Wake Up, Code, Sleep, Repeat. Im only allowed once a month out of the room when the paycheck comes. Also room has full bathroom.

32" in monitor, so I dont need 2.

Like a North Korean Labor Camp here.


I hope it was water based… :wink:

not mine yet, just expecting what will happen for sure :woman_facepalming:

My “home office” is also the laundry room. Washer and dryer to my right. My wife has her own business (she makes women’s and girl’s clothing) and there are a hundred or so bolts of fabric along the wall behind me.

We live on the farther outer edges of nowhere, our house does not have an internet connection so I use a mifi device… and the view out the window is to a pond (well, at least the wide part of the swamp). We have a beaver family and ducks and geese… and the great blue herons are just arriving. Sometimes concentration on the problem at hand can be difficult…


Its a Command Center!

This is my colorful work space…just to clear any confusion - me on the left and my daughter on the right. Although, sometimes we switch sides when I need her help on a project or when I need a break. :wink: :dolls: I love this cause now I can always keep up on what is going on with Ken and Barbie! :smiley:

Since working from home I just can’t shake this feeling that someone is watching me… :thinking:

We probably need to lay off the stuffed animals for Birthdays and Christmas. :blush: :teddy_bear:


Don’t kid us Haso, if that is even your real name. :thinking: Me thinks it is probably Jason Bourne! You are probably temporarily setup in some hotel somewhere trying to hack into the CIA. :rofl: :sweat_smile:


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Well @Mark_Wonsil can you top that! Show us the blast from the past, your Command Center with CRT Monitor. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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Most of my life is spent here…


Here’s my absolute peasant tier setup on the kitchen table for the foreseeable future


Nice chair… I think you may be ready for the following upgrade…

Awsome if you have +7000usd to spare…:wink:

Made in Québec by MEWLab!

If i win lottery…I am getting one for sure! :crossed_fingers:



I am ready! If you win the lottery buy me one too :rofl:

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Gotta agree with @Hogardy there… my back would last about 15 minutes in one of those chairs. But were I to win the lottery, new home office equipment would probably NOT be my first purchase…

My home office desk is embarrassingly messy (like my coding practices). So much, that I dare not post a picture.


But my company makes water quality and gas sensors. Both used in water purification, and in decontamination & sterilization. So we’re all working in the office.

Here’s a picture of a guy doing IHP (Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide) decontamination, and using one of our gas sensors to check the H2O2 levels.


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Here is the most IMPORTANT part of my office!


Oh, and my office assistant who is very helpful at unplugging my laptop from the wall