How are Data Definition "Calculated Fields" calculated?!

I understand how the calculated fields work in E9 BAQs, but how do they work in Data Definitions? For instance, the definition for Sales Order Pick List has the OrderRel table. Under that, there are a bunch of “report calculated fields”, one being “ShipToAddr”. Where is the system pulling “ShipToAddr” from?! Is there some way for me to view this? Is there a master list of calculated fields for particular tables?


These are done in the program that puts together the RDD, not something you can modify

I’m okay with not being able to modify them, but is there a way to see which ones are available?

Also, “RDD”?

Report Data Definition = RDD
Everything that is available in the RDD is available to report

I see how in the RDD I can include/exclude fields under the “Excluded Fields” tab, but on some RDDs someone added various “Calculated Fields” in the Calculated Fields tab. When I just arbitrarily try to add “Calculated Field” entries they never work. Isn’t there some way for me determine which Calculated Fields are available for particular tables?.. basically, I’m trying to figure out how to use the Calculated Fields area in RDDs… I see how to delete them, just now how to properly add one.


You can not add calculated fields to an RDD. You can, however, add a calculated field to either the Crystal or SSRS report so long as you include the fields in the RDD that are needed for the calculation.


You can’t add your own unless you are using the SDK

Thank you. I guess I don’t understand why I am able to add lines to the Calculated Fields area on RDD.

I ran into the same frustration when I started modifying reports. The editor lets you chug along happily thinking that you are creating a calculated field. Nothing in the software tells you that it won’t work… until you look for your result which will never include the “calculated field” you thought you were creating. That functionality simply does not work - even though it appears to.

Yup. I’m still a bit confused. For instance, two RDDs: 1) OrderAck and 2) SOPick. Both have the OrderHed table, but only OrderAck has the calculated field “MultiShipTo”. I need the “MultiShipTo” to show up in the SOPick RDD. Why doesn’t it?

Calculated fields are unique to each RDD and they are coded in the RDD processing. They are not something that is available on the database they are as the name states “Calculated Fields”, there is a formula in the RDD code that calculates these values.
You can create your own calculated field in Crystal though to determine if there are multiple ShipTo’s or not

So, the only point of adding a calculated field in a RDD is to just setup a blank variable to send to the report? (I don’t understand why Epicor allows me to create calculated field entries)

It’s not for you :slight_smile: it is there to use if you buy the SDK don’t worry about it, just create your own fields in Crystal / SSRS

Gotcha. That helps. Thank you.

Not sure if I should piggy-back off this thread, or start my own. I’m trying to figure out how a data definition field is calculated, because there appears to be some duplicate values being added in a report (a certain charge is being added twice to a quote and it shouldn’t be), and I’m trying to track back where the duplication is occurring. However, I run into these fields such as “Calc_Misc” and it seems opaque and I cannot tell where the value is coming from or if it’s why I am getting a duplicate value. Is there some way to figure this out?

No way to know without the sdk or

Having a very similar problem however I just need to view what the calc is doing to answer a user question. What would I need to look at to decode this black box?

For example I looking at the Labor Edit report on the calc fields IndirMsg and LaborType on the LaborDtl data source.

Thanks in advance!!!