How can I get Product Quantity with the Epicor Rest API

Hello All,

I am trying to fetch the product qunatity through API. I have been looking for the service that will help with that/

I am going to consume this JSON response in application to list display all the product Quantity.

Thanks in Advance.

It’s probably easier to create a BAQ that gives you that information, then call that BAQ through REST. You also expose less doing it that way.


Alright, Thanks for the help.
I will check on that.

Can you please help with the process of how I can create the BAQ for the products’ quantity?

There’s context missing here. What is a “Product” are you talking about inventory? Inventory of what Finished Goods or Raw Materials?

There is extensive information on how to write BAQs in the Customization and Ice Guides (both available within the Epicor Help Menu)

Also Epicor has things like Allocation, Reservation and various other concepts which makes retrieving “Product Quantities” (assuming Inventory counts) somewhat specific. Do you want to account (or remove) reserved quantities? Pending Shipment? Allocated inventory? WIP Issued Inventory and Raw materials? Should you consider Time Phase on up coming production of product?


I’m not sure exactly which field(s) you are looking for, our company doesn’t track quantities. But I’d guess you’d use Part and PartQty (maybe?). PartQty has a blizzard of fields that say they are quantities.

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What I mean by “product” here is the inventory. And it’s an inventory of “Vacuum Products.”
So I want to get the count of each product(i.e inventory or part) available for each product.

I’m already using the “Erp.BO.PartSvc” service to get the product list and the details like price, partNum, description, e.t.c.
Unfortunately, the product quantity(count) is missing, which I need to work with. So I don’t know whether I have to call another API to get the quantities (counts) of the product.

Like @MLamkin said your best bet is to write a BAQ. I suspect from looking at your profile that you are an external entity trying to integrate, in that case I would behoove you to contact the customer / client and have them write a BAQ for you that returns that information (or get a consultant familiar with Epicor to do it)

Then you would just consume that BAQ via the BAQ Rest endpoint.

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Thank you for the help. I will check the BAQ out.

it also depends on what level you want the quantity… do you want it for a specific warehouse? a specific BIN, or the sum of all the warehouses, or even the sum of all the NETTABLE BINS in a warehouse. Each of these would be a different value, and a different type of query.
The PartWhse holds the total for each part in each warehouse. the PartBin holds the quantity in each bin in each warehouse. you may want to do a SUMMARY query that sums all the quantities together.

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Thanks for this, it surely helped.

Like @josecgomez and @MLamkin suggested already, I have created a BAQ and sorted the problem out. Thank you.

PS : I was trying to get the quantity for each product(Inventory not a warehouse).