How do I know if I have all the parts in stock to start assembling my job

How do I know if I have all the parts in stock to start assembling my job?!?!?

I’m sure there are much more elegant ways (a dashboard perhaps), but you could just print the Pick List and look at Mtls with no On Hand qty’s

See how Mtl 20 is missing the QOH?


Would the Production Planner Workbench be an option? I like that as a quick overview of jobs with all material vs jobs with shortages.

How do I get this? Exactly what I need!!!

It’s the built in report.

Production Mngmnt -> Job Mngmnt -> Reports -> Job Pick List

Need a list of all jobs that have full BOM quantities to pick for assembly, over 2500 open assembly orders and no way to look and drill down each one

If you made your own report, it would suffer from the fact that there might be enough materials on hand to make Job 101 or Job 102. So each would appear on your report. But ass soon as materials were issued for Job 101, there isn’t enough for Job 102. You’d constantly be re-running the report after every issuing of materials to jobs.

I get that, but what other way would I know what jobs are ready to be picked for assembly?

(I think) this is a pretty common problem.
Where things may be a little simpler if all your job materials are Non-Stock
But there always ends up being some customization and/or manual intervention involved… why you might still need planners/shop managers.

At one site, they made a custom pick list as Calvin suggested - to get around limitations of the standard pick list.
BUT… since their jobs use a lot of Stock materials (i.e. not Non-Stock in part master), they ran into the problem of the OnHand getting out of sync when a STOCK part is used on multiple jobs.

Another problem, they ran into was those jobs/operations that didn’t really need ALL the materials OnHand before work could be started. i.e. sitting idle waiting for a material when not necessary. They are still figuring out ways to identify when the lack of material is a show stopper or not.

In addition to the custom Pick List, they built custom BAQ/dashboard(s) to list open job materials which can be filtered by a cutoff date, projected OnHand, etc…
This which works pretty well IF the material due dates on your jobs are wll maintained but… I wouldn’t assume, I’ve seen a lot of sites where material due dates on jobs go stale pretty fast.

Ref one example, custom pick list

I have seen the Fulfillment workbench used for this. Choose the jobs that you want to review with the search and it will calculate if there is enough material available to fulfill the job.

Where do I find the “fulfillment workbench”?

Fulfillment workbench is in General Ops under Job Management - a couple of other places too I believe. I like the Production Planner workbench also which is also under Job Management. Of course I only have “testing” experience as we aren’t quite at our go live point yet - but it was pointed out by our implementation consultant as a good tool to see which jobs were clear to build and which ones had shortages.

I like to use the “Material Status” report which is available from the Job Entry or Job tracker screen. If you go to Actions>Job>Material Status. This listing will also provide you with PO’s and due dates of any purchased materials.

There are three ways (as listed above)… summarizing here:

  1. Job Entry/Actions/Job/Material Status - this allows you to look at the job while in job entry.
  2. Production Planner Workbench - this is a higher level look and also allows you to look at multiple jobs. It also allows you to see all the materials that are short and how many short… it is really good, BUT, you must run the Production Planner Process before it works.
  3. Fulfillment Workbench. This is the “best” and allows you to Reserve/Allocate materials for jobs so that nobody else can steel them before issuing. BUT, it is a little more complex to teach/use… Maybe someday this approach might be improved combining all three of the above :wink:

We have a simple BAQ that returns the # of parts you can assemble. That way if a customer calls and we don’t have it in stock, the rep can see how many can be made. The BAQ takes into account reserved/allocated amounts so it is pretty accurate.

EDIT: We only go down one level on the MOMs which makes the BAQ easier.

I did something similar only I added the Recursive BOM as well to the BAQ. I also made a version that used the MRP Pegging data to determine if a job could be released. There are multiple solutions to this problem but they all depend on the type of manufacturing, the types of BOMs, Multi-level or Single, etc.

Come to think of it, there’s also the Availability Report (Under Engineering/Reports)



For sure! I forgot about this little gem!