How posted AR Invoice with API Rest

Hi guys,

I have the problem ar the moment post ar invoice whit API Rest, in last version i posted with
Erp.Contracts.Proc.ARInvoicePost, but this dll not found in API Rest, what is the equivalent of the library

Beforehand thank you very much

Hey Santiago,

10.2.200 Epicor REST or earlier hide a number of methods, but they can be reached manually through the web by typing in the service manually.

After your server url name, paste this into your page


This will show you the custom methods for the service you stated. Remember any service you trace can be found manually just ERP.Rpt, ICE.Lib, ICE.BO all have a hidden front end in 10.1.500, 10.1.600, 10.2.100, 10.2.200 you just need to type it into the address bar.

When you upgrade to 10.2.300 + these services will become more visable and easier to navigate to…