How to Add Ship to Information in Quote PDF

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if somebody can help on this. We are trying to add Ship To information on Quote PDF printout.
The field does not reside in the QuoteHed Table, so was wondering how to call it to the form.

In SO form, it is there out of the box but not in Quotes.


This is all from memory, so forgive me if I miss a few steps.

You will need to copy the report style for the Quote and reproduce a new style.
Report Style > Actions > Copy Report Style. From there, you have to update a few things under Styles > Style Detail > Detail. You can usually use the previous styles as a guide for how to fill in the fields. The important part here is that you need to give the Report Location something in a CustomReports folder. For me, the quote form custom folder report location is:


Once your new style is created, you have to update the dataset to include the fields you want. Go to Report Style > Actions > Download SSRS Report. Look for the downloaded SSRS (*.rdl)

Here you need to edit the dataset for Quote. On the left side look for the folder called Datasets, and inside the dataset called Quote. Right click and go to Dataset Properties. Go to the Fields category on the left side. Click Add and choose Query Field. The QuoteHed table includes the field ShipToNum. So, in the Field name and field source type in “ShipToNum” (without quotes).

Now the field is available to place on your report form. Insert a new field and choose ShipToNum as the source.

Save the SSRS and go back to Report Style. Make sure you have selected the style you want to update from the list on the left side. Then click Actions > Upload SSRS Report. Choose the folder where you saved your custom report. If this step uploads successfully, without errors, then you can go and run your quote form again. This time, make sure you update the style to choose the new style you just created.

Good luck!


Hi Nate,
Thanks for the detailed explanation… That helps a lot and worked.
Now I am trying to add the Ship to Adress and I can’t find the fields where they are stored.

Chose Help, Field Help, Technical Details and click on the field.

It’s the ShipTo table btw.

The DB field is empty.

If you don’t have a “One Time ShipTo” then it’s QuoteHed_ShipToNum linked to ShipTo Table

One Time ShipTo is

QuoteHed_UseOTS			Use OTS		yes/no  
QuoteHed_OTSName		Name		x(50)  
QuoteHed_OTSAddress1		Address		x(50)  
QuoteHed_OTSAddress2		OTSAddress2	x(50)  
QuoteHed_OTSAddress3		OTSAddress3	x(50)  
QuoteHed_OTSCity		City		x(50)  
QuoteHed_OTSState		State/Prov	x(50)  
QuoteHed_OTSZIP			Postal Code	x(10)  
QuoteHed_OTSResaleID		Tax ID		x(20)  
QuoteHed_OTSTaxRegionCode	Tax Region	x(4)  
QuoteHed_OTSContact		Contact		x(50)  
QuoteHed_OTSFaxNum		Fax		x(20)  
QuoteHed_OTSPhoneNum		Phone		x(20)  
QuoteHed_OTSCountryNum		Country Number	>>>>>>9
QuoteHed_OTSCustSaved		OTSCustSaved	yes/no  
QuoteHed_OTSSaveAs		OTSSaveAs	x(2)  
QuoteHed_OTSSaveCustID		OTSSaveCustID	x(10)  

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Hi Kevin,
I see the OTS but this case is not a One Time ship to but a solid ShipTo

See above

Hi Kevin,
Sorry I am a total newbie on the SSRS.
How do I call the Quote Ship to Address using ShiptoNum?


Unfortunately I don’t do reports. My brain refuses to cooperate with the mess that is SSRS.

I believe most of the information was in the first post however. You’ll need to set up a relationship in the report definition between quoteHed.ShipToNum and the appropriate field in the ShipToTable.

I kinda gave you the easy version. If the field is already part of the tables included in the report, then it is pretty trivial to bring them into the report as you found out with ShipToNum. What you really want is to link the ShipTo table to the QuoteHed, using that ShipToNum. For this you need to edit the report data definitions (RDD).

Honestly, I haven’t had a lot of luck with this in the past, but I believe this is the process.
Go to Report Data Definition. Lookup the QuotForm report. This should show the entire dataset responsible for feeding that SSRS report. On the left you can see all the tables, fields and relationships.

I think you need to add a relationship here that relates QuoteHed to ShipTo using ShipToNum. I think if you get that setup, you should be able to add fields from ShipTo, like the actual ship to address you need.

Once you add those fields to the report data definition, you have to relink it to the SSRS. In Report Style, resynchronize your dataset, then download the report to your computer to edit it to plop in those new ship to address fields.

Someone else may point out a few mistakes in these instructions. As I said I haven’t had much luck doing this in the past. I think you need to duplicate the report data definitions to even work on them. Good luck!


To summarize what Nate said: You’ll need to edit the “QuotForm” RDD to add the ShipTo table and relationships (Company, CustNum, ShipToNum) and then edit the RDL (SSRS Report) query to include the ShipTo fields you want displayed on the report then finally add the fields to the report.

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Thanks everyone …
Got it now.