How To: Adding Columns to Existing Kinetic Grid

Are you loading the full BAQ data into the view up front or line by line?

Yep for now. Can I use Parameters and filter it from BAQ itself if there is a chance? Let me know how to do that, please. I am using your second method from this post. Also, to test the current config. I filter it with part which I am using it for testing. Part: 60000. It has 154 rows but when I filter it with all the filters I am using in my application. It filters only required rows.

This is how I mapped BAQ with view

I wouldn’t do them both at the same time. Load the full BAQ dataset up front after the GetByID event.

Qty Adjustment doesn’t use GetByID. Instead, I used the below one. So your suggestion is to use erp-baq node here itself rather than calling the event next?

This one used, Instead of GetByID:

This is the next event

this is for iteration

Hello Hannah,

This is done using rest-erp :slight_smile: thanks @hmwillett

Show me how you set this up:

Sorry for the late reply. This is how I added and it worked: