How to Centralize or Consolidate Epicor Data

Hi, So I have a case like this we have a Multi-Company Customer, this customer wants to Implement On-premise Epicor so every Customer will have their own server and Database. Because every Company has a database how can we Centralize or Consolidate all the data from all companies to the Parent Company or the Centralize Server? Does Epicor have the Best Practices to do this? Do I need to Create SSIS for that?

I’m not clear what the business reason for having a separate server and database for each customer but from an Epicor licensing standpoint, you would need a different license key for each installation because they are based on seats. There is no way for Epicor to know how the seats are distributed across multiple databases. If, however, you had multiple companies within a database then you could use the Multi-Company module which makes a consolidation possible.

Again, this is a lot of work so hopefully the business problem you’re trying to solve is worth that effort.

The Epicor method is to use Microsft Service Bus 1.1 to move the multi-company transactions between databases. They have a section in the New Install Guide about it.

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John is correct about multiple databases, in fact one can even do this in SaaS now. But I’m still under the impression that you’ll need a different license for seats at each server. Again, I could easily be wrong. :man_shrugging:

We are multi-company, internationally, and I’ve had this discussion multiple times with Epicor.
You WILL need a site license for every database installation. You cannot, by the agreement, install multiple production databases using the same site license. And if you are international, those site licenses must then be purchased by the Epicor ‘company’ that covers the region your installation will be in.

Please talk to them and talk them into using the single site installation, single site license, and using the multi-company security model. It’s very secure and works perfectly well for the auditors and paranoid corporate execs - trust me.


Thanks, everyone for all of your answers, this might give me some idea.