How to change the Process Menu Item in End Labor Activity from MES Kinetic

Hi, I want to Customize one of the Epicor Kinetic Processes which is MES. in MES there is an activity called End Labor Activity. I can customize the layer of the MES and change it to the menu item, but when I change the customization layer for the End Labor Activity it will show the error message “Can’t edit global resource”. When I read the documentation the best practice is to create a new menu, but the problem is when I create a new menu I can’t call my customize layer in my MES. I’ve been trying to find a workaround like creating before the event for the end activity but the result is not like I’m expected. Now I’m thinking of updating the layer from the database in the Ice.Menu table but I’m afraid it will break things. Does anyone have a suggestion for this? Should I just change the layer from a database or any fix for the error “Can’t edit global resource” or is it designed that way?

I just did this and followed the steps in the link. I added some rule highlights.

Hi @kylepbsps, I don’t know why I’m still can’t change the standard process. What environment do you use? I’m in Kinetic 2021.2

Im on premise 10.2.600.

Customization of End Labor Activity
Create customization screen using MES Shortcut with /MESC launch modifier.
Create process ID for End Activty Screen.

Use Process Calling Maintenance to redirect EndActivityEntry to your new process “UDMESEND”

All the notes below are for customizing the main MES Screen. Not Required for just editing End Activity.

You have to edit the config file the MES shortcut uses. There is a field called < MESCustomMenuID value=“YourProcess” / >

I believe your process must start with UD. I named mine UDMES. You also need to build the customization on MES using /MESC as the shortcut.

Menu Maint. → New Process
SEQ - 1605
UD Mes
Non Menu Item

Import Customizations for each
Logout Epicor
Login Epicor
Set Customizations for Each in menu maint.
Logout Epicor
Login Epicor

** After edit config for UDMES** Import Customization in MES Main Screen ( /MESC modifier on launch)
Import Customization in Production Management–>Data Collections–>Employee Recognition
Import Customization in UDMES Process

Edit the MES Client Config: * Copy of MES DLL in a new process for customization

Customization Notes:

< MESCustomMenuID value="UDMES" / >

Thanks, @kylepbsps for your detailed answer. I will try it again in case there is some missing step.