How to Combine Order Lines to one invoice line

Not sure if there’s any other way besides a sales kit but it’s worth the ask. Can you combine multiple shipment/order lines into one invoice line somehow? We have customers who prefer to receive one part and pay one invoice line… we ship them as separate lines because our orders are written such that they map to different GL Controls depending on what the thing we’re selling is. So if we only shipped one line, all the revenue would go to the GL Code associated with that one line.

We don’t like the sales kit because we’re primarily make to order (in some cases configured to order). So Sales Kits become a pain at best or not possible at worst.

You can combine multiple pack IDs onto a single invoice, but I believe OOTB Epicor will always have a separate line for each pack ID, as that is part of the data included in the invoice line. Like on an invoice I don’t think you can just group by part #, you have to group by pack ID as well.

Consolidate all shipments into 1 invoice - yes this comes out of the box
Consolidate shipments by part into 1 invoice - yes but with customizations