How to customize Customer Search?

A user requested we add Customer.AgingCreditHold to the standard search screen(see screenshot below) in Customer Tracker and Entry. With the search window open I can’t access the menus(modal screen) to click Tools → Customize.

Any pointers?

Use quick search


Page 468 of the Ice Tools Guide should set you in the right direction.{431312ED-E4A6-44B1-AFCF-22255A4910FC}&file=EpicorICETools_UserGuide_102400.pdf&action=default

You’ll need your Epicweb Username and password to download it, Quick searches should be in the Application Help as well, but as a Tip, right mouse on the customer ID field. and look in the context menus…Should be second bottom. (or close to the bottom). If you don’t see it you will need to adjust your Options in User Account Security.