How to DMT a change to certain part QtyPer on all BOMs

We have a few parts which are not actual physical parts which can be issued, but somehow the Qty/Parent is 1 instead of 0, which is preventing CM jobs from closing automatically when the BOM contains these parts.

We want to change all the quantities from 1 to 0 but there are a large number of them, over 300 across over 100 different BOMs. So of course the first thought was to do it with a DMT.

I think the actual table that needs to be modified is PartMtl, but it does not appear that I can DMT to this table. Instead all I am finding is the “Bill of Materials” DMT which as far as I can tell seems to be affect the ECOMtl table instead of the Part table. (I say “appears” because it doesn’t mention which table it affects but there are a couple of peripheral ECOxxx# tables mentioned at the end of the template table.) This made me suspect that this is going to be complicated because I think the ECO tables requires you to check stuff out with the engineering workbench.

I was reading this thread and found this quote which seems to confirm my suspicions:

I think the BOM needs to be checked out and in an open ECO. When you test it in Eng Work bench, leave it checked out and unapproved. Then try the DMT.

The problem is, this seems like it would be almost as much work to create an ECO and check out over a hundred BOM and three hundred parts as I imagined we would be saving by not having to manually set a bunch of QtyPer fields to zero.

How would I actually go about setting up a DMT to accomplish this without an insane amount of setup work in the Engineering Workbench? Could I use another DMT to set up the engineering workbench stuff first? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

The BOM DMT template will checkout, update and check back in all of the BOM’s.

You should be able to create a BAQ of the partmtl table with the proper heading. Add a calculated field for the ECO group ID. I use DMT and field for the new qty/parent.

You could also leave a note for the audit note on the revision saying you updated the BOM qty.

Prior to running the update DMT process, you will need to create a ECO Group with an ID of DMT and description.

Then just pull in 100’s of BOM with the new values that you want.

Do a few in test, then considering doing all of them in test before you do the process in live.

I have done BOM updates no 1,000’s of BOMs in one process so you shouldn’t have any difficulties.