How to limit a users DMT permissions?

Is there a way to limit a users permissions in DMT without also limiting them in Epicor itself?
For example, the engineers receive a list of parts from customers in excel/csv format which they want to upload through DMT. These same users can also create jobs but we do not want them to do import jobs using excel/csv. We would like them to create those jobs through Epicor. We have found that using Menu Maintenance removes the options from both DMT and Epicor.

You could steal a page from the DevOps people and have the engineers “check-in” a spreadsheet. This would kick off a deployment job that would run DMT under a different ID and different security. You also have an audit trail of when work was done. If you feel clever, you can even put an approval gate to have someone review the work first.

I think losing the actual user that does the import would be an issue. My first suggestion was for us to create an “engineer dmt” user that would only be able to upload parts and everybody would be allowed to login in to it but management wants to track who is doing the upload. Then I suggested to create a secondary “engineer dmt” user for each engineer and we could track it that way.

Could this be done through BPMs? I recently started learning them but it doesn’t seem like there would be a way to do this for DMT.

Seems like you can. I whipped up one real quick. There is a field for ClientType.

“WinClient” is the value of the desktop client. I don’t know what DMT is, but it’s not that, lol.

I was able to block myself from using DMT.


FYI, I used an In-Transaction Data Directive on JobHead.

Doesn’t have to be. The job could include the submitting user in the Audit Log, or even as a UD field in PartRev if you really want to report on it. (Case where Jason’s BPM would come in handy)

Moreover, if you used GitHub, you could even include the hash of the file to prove that was indeed the file that was uploaded and who uploaded it.

What would you use to schedule the job to run the DMT? I like the DevOps approach but I dont know how i would set it up.