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Not sure if this has been addressed before but are there any “how to…” manuals for all areas of Epicor10 besides what’s on “Epicor university” site? We’re looking for A to Z steps in specifically setting up jobs, WBS, entering Time/Labor, etc. basically a “how to for dummies” type manuals. We have a few new users and not knowing enough to show them what they need we’re concerned. We’re all too new on the system to do complete ‘A to Z’ instructions. Not really finding much online about it. Thanks in advance.

Julieann - If your company purchased the Education module (and database), there are how-to’s for just about every module. Available as PDF if you installed it locally, or via the help file if on the cloud. They’re ok, with step by step, but really would benefit from screen shots…

Our project manager provided us with Example/Sample EUPs. I’ve got a zip file with all of them, but it appears to be too large to attach. I will just attach one example, and if this is something you’re interested in, feel free to email me at lgraham@dotit.com and I’ll send all of them that I have.

AR_Cash_Receipt.doc (932.5 KB)


What about the Application User Guide? Available from EpicWeb

Other options:
Knowledge Mentor
Or my favorite, video caps of walkthru with OBS stored on a network share

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We use Epicor Knowledge Mentor, it generates Videos / A Learning Center / Quizzes / Progress Tracking… It Generates PDF EUPs and more. Whenever someone asks me to explain EKM, I kind of think it is similar to Adobe Captivate… You can even make the Training Interactive, by the User having to actually click on invisible hot-spots to trigger the next frame, or key in a Customer ID (fake).

Every Enhancement follows a Process:

  • DESIGN (Enhancement Request)
  • CREATE (Development / Testing)
  • EUPs

Only then is Dashboard X Complete. There could be other things such as updating Procedure Docs / Visio Diagrams (higher level Process). Policy Documents, Templates…

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thanks everything this is good stuff…

Been a few years since we went live but I am pretty certain when we did that creating training materials and training your end users on using the system in line with your processes was a significant milestone in the signature methodology and being honest is standard practice in any ERP implementation process.This should have included factoring in training for new starts. The rationale for this is that the person creating the materials typically is/becomes the functional expert.

The Epicor University courses, EUP’s user manual are deliberately generic so as anyone can get going to test the system standard processes versus their business processes but it is up to you to create training materials as relate to your business, product, processes - they should become your standard operating procedures and should facilitate multi-skilling - ie if anyone follows this process then our transaction will be done properly.

We developed our own standard operating procedures/user guides as part of our go live process.

Lacey I would check with Epicor as you are trying to give their intellectual property away for free by posting it on this site. I would desist from sharing this material.

I’m not trolling you but it seems you have skipped some significant, required steps when going live with Epicor and you now have the blind leading the blind as you don’t even have a one eyed man who can be king.