How to modify Fiscal Period?

Situation: By mistake, Fiscal Year 2018 was set to have only 1 Fiscal Period 1/1-12/31
How can I change it back to 12 periods? (a period per month)

Trying in test database:
Delete this fiscal period
Create 12 Fiscal Periods
Run “Verify Balance”

Seems fine, calling the financial guy to check it out
Any idea?

That process will work.

We had a situation at the end of last year where we actually had to delete all of 2017 and create two fiscal years (2017 and 2017-A (suffix)) because of the sale of the company with 10 days left in the year.

Worked like a charm.


GL records are updated to the new Fiscal Periods, but CASH records and Bank Balance didn’t
'm thinking of adjusting bank balances but I don’t know how to “fix” the Cash records