Old Epicor Enterprise 7.4 - fiscal year/periods messed up


We have the old Epicor Enterprise Financials Suite and Distribution Version 7.4 – and recently got a major problem with the Fiscal year periods.

As you can see in the top image, somehow a new period (2/28/2020- 3/28/2020) got created and went into the 3/1/2019 through 2/28/20 fiscal year. I would imagine that Period 12 should be 2/1/20 through 2/29/20. Then the new fiscal year is screwed up. In the bottom image it shows it starting from 2/29/20 and the first period is from 3/29/20 to 4/28/20. When the new fiscal year should be starting from 3/1/20 and first period from 3/1/20 to 3/31/20.

I imagine this issue happened at least partly due to leap year and we don’t know how to modify these periods/years. How can we delete the new fiscal year, adjust the previous one, and recreate the new one correctly?

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

Because Period 12 should have ended on 2/29/2020, not 2/28/2020


and the second shot shows the FY beginning on 2/29/2020 instead of 3/1/2020

I understand that, but how can we fix it?

I’m not familiar with that software. You might need to make a 13 period for last fiscal year, for 2/29/2020 through to today. And make this fiscal year go from today through 2/28/2021. Then do a ton of Journal entries to square up the entries that occurred in Fiscal Period “13”

Have you closed out the prior fiscal year?

If there are no transactions posted against this period, you can try deleting the unwanted Period record via the UI. Select the record and see if the DELETE toolbar button is enabled for you to use. If not enabled, you will need to do it through SQL query (delete table glprd where “criteria”). Ask your tech team to help you.

Also, there is a similar suggestion on Epiccare.

Hope that helps

Thank you very much, going to check it out now.

Could we just adjust the period dates in the glprd table? Or would we potentially screwing things up that way?

You can change the records using sql queries. Check out the URL of the Epiccare KB I shared in my previous message. It shows exactly that " Changing fiscal year when no transactions have been posted "
The only thing is that in the Table, you will need to enter Julian Dates.

Ok thank you for the help!