How to pass a parameter to BAQ with parameter in BAQ report designer?

Hi All,
I have a BAQ with a parameter “Year” and “Month”. Now, how can I incorporate this parameter in the custom BAQ report? I would want the “Year” and “Month” to be dynamic so users can select which “Year” and “Month” they would want to see the datas. I also know that there is no need to define parameters on BAQ, but because of my relatively large amount of data, defining and passing parameters to BAQ will greatly improve the performance of the report, Can someone please help me on this? Thank you in advance.
Exp BAQ:

If your query does not “require” parameters, then simply let those be fields in the results. Then you can filter using the Option values in the BAQ Report.
If the parameters are required, then you need to create a custom Report Style and Data Definition.

@Jason_Woods Yes, parameters are required, then how to do in Data definition to pass parameters ?

That’s a whole topic on its own. Go ahead and try it first and shoot over questions.