How to Pass data from QuoteHed UD field to QuoteDtl UD field

Hello everyone,
I want to copy data from QuoteHed UD field to QuoteDtl UD field. Both the fields are of same name. I tried couples of ways but not getting appropriate result. Do i need BPM(Data Directive / Method Directive) or Customization.
I want to save the UD field data of QuoteHed to QuoteDtl UD field once the click on update button.

I would start with a method directive.

Here’s the rough way to do it:

Create a preprocess BPM on the update method.

Add whatever condition you want this to update based on.

Add a set field widget and set the field you want in all rows of the QuoteDtl table.

Maybe set the row mod value on all QuoteDtl rows to “U”.

If you are always doing this I would question “why have the two fields?”, just read the value from the header. Another possible way would be to default the record from the header when creating a new detail.

@Carson, Thank you for response. My requirement has been fulfilled and i don not require extra UD field in QuoteDtl anymore.