How to see problems in the works?

good afternoon colleagues !!

Do any of you know how to review the details of a job in a simpler or simpler way? To find out why it is not finished on time, if it is due to materials or operation time, I have not found an easy way to support myself, I have restricted materials and apparently from the Material Status part I can review the materials that may present any problem so that I do not get the job out on the required date.

Thank you very much for your support.



A tool that is overlooked is the Production Planner Workbench, it basically displays shortages.
But to use it you first have to run the Production Planner Process.
There are several options on the process to help keep the noise down.
For a few clients we have this scheduled to run a few times a day.

For Scheduling Overload issues, take a look at the Over Load Informer, it can help direct you to the resources that most likely have issues.

These, in addition to the Planning Workbench I recommend Schedulers review daily for potential issues.

Epicor tries to develop it’s tools to be exception based but it’s hard to think that way sometimes.


Excellent!!! @Rick_Bird

Thank you very much for the information, if you were reading about the Production Planner Workbench process, but there is little or no information in the manuals.

It is rare that it is due to overload of resources, since all the programming is Finite, so I doubt that it is due to overload, don’t you think?

That is the intention to be constantly checking to find possible mishaps or problems before they happen.

I think Epicor has a good logic that sometimes we want it to be more human but it can’t.

Thank you very much for the help, I will try the Production Planner Workbench.