How to use a serial number from a RMA

We are selling parts with serial numbers and sometimes the customer returns some parts. We create a RMA and receive the parts and they are send back to stock. The problem is when the part is going to be delivered again and logistic scans the serial number the system says that serial number is already in use. How can I ‘re-enter’ the serial number to the system so the part can be delivered again?

Thank you!

Look in the Serial Number Tracker and see what information is there. We do drop ships, and when we perform the RMA, we move them to DMR and then send them back to the vendor. If they ever come through again, we have to uncheck “Scrapped” in order to ship it again.

Hi Maria,

We have serial tracking of parts and we also have RMAs. When you do the RMA are you receiving the part, with the serial number, via RMA receipt? After that, are you doing RMA disposition to stock, and selecting the serial number once again? If your serialized part is in stock, upon customer shipment the system should request a serial number and the one on your returned/stocked part should be available to select for shipment.


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Hi Nancy,
We do the RMA as you describe: RMA with serial number, Receipt with serial number and disposition with serial number and send the part to stock. If you try to create the RMA without SN, in case the part is serialized the system ask you for the SN and doesn’t let you save the RMA. If you track the serial number the tracker shows the it was sold to the customer that returned the part and makes reference to the RMA.
The only way I found to be able to use it again is going to Material Management> Setup> Serial Number and delete the customer and the RMA number . When you do that the system displays a warning about the possibility to have problems with that SN.
I think there has to be another way to make the SN available. Or is possible we are missing something.

Thank you