HTTPS vs Net.Tcp (over SSL)

So in Epicor 10.2.X> there is the option to go with many different end points and binding types. One of them being

Net.Tcp over UsernameSslChannel
another one being
Https over HttpsBinaryUsernameChanell

Now both of these use SSL for authentication and encryption. but one goes over HTTP Protocol 443 and another one over Net.Tcp 808?
Any difference in performance or any advantages or disadvantages of one vs the other.

Think 500+ users multiple App Servers multi company, multi-plant etc… can one of those be shaped better than the other?

@Bart_Elia @Edge @aidacra et all?

I would think that 443 is a lot more firewall friendly. Previous versions of net.tcp were more sensitive to connection loss IIRC…

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I always go https vanilla these days.

MSFT put a ton of energy into optimizing https in WCF … v4.0? v4.5? (It’s been awhile) Th end result - they closed the performance gap they had with net.tcp so that at a framework level they were within noises level as far as standard deviation on latency and memory footprint in our scale tests at the MSFT scale labs.

Extra benefit - only one setup for routing and firewalls, etc. Active Home Page and other toys are all on REST going forward so HTTPS is a requirement for go forward. It’s not like we are declaring net.tcp end of life (yet) but rather https is required going forward.

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Perfect , thanks!