I can't save my data discovery view in Epicor Data Discovery 10.2

I just discovered Epicor Data Discovery and I’m trying to create a report/dashboard by adding my custom views. I manage to create my table but I can’t save it anywhere. I saw on a video that there should be a save button to save my view on the top right of the page but I only have an ‘undo’ button. Can anyone help me ? Is there a permission missing ? (I have almost all rights on my user account)


Finally, I got it working by clicking on the parameters and adding the ‘Designer’ role to my account. After that, I logout and login again and I can save my view. But I can’t add any view, it seems to freeze and bug when I do so.

What is the URL where I can access Data Discovery in a webpage instead of using the Epicor application ?

And now when I add my view I see it but I can’t resize it… Is there any documentation on this module ? Because so far, it’s a LOT of work for something that seems so simple…

Got it working !!! I went on the epicor web, then downloaded the smart light client.

I opened the epicor light client on my desktop and then clicked on this:

It opened a web page and I can finally work correctly !!!

What is wrong with Epicor Data Discovery so it doesn’t work in our Epicor Client ?

would you happen to have the link to download the “smart light client”
I tried searching epicweb but came up empty


Here is the url or my server:

https://(server where epicor is installed)/(epicor environment)-EWA/ice.ewa.shell.aspx

where epicor environment = ERP10DEV for example

After that, click on this button: image