Saving a widget in EDD

I am new to EDD and am hoping you all can point me to something simple I am missing.

We have EDD installed (, I can run it the browser and it appears to work

I am set up with roles of Designer, Viewer, Admin.

We have the basic license installed and I am listed as a licensed user

I can create a dashboard and save it using the nice little diskette icon on top.

I can get in and modify an existing widget (or are they called views?), or create a new one from a BAQ

How do I save the Widget it once I have modified/created it? I do not have a nice diskette icon, and cannot find a button or menu to save it. When I exit it asks if I want to discard changes, but I can’t see how to save them!

What am I missing?

Note: I followed the suggestion on this similar issue

I can’t save my data discovery view

but since the license appears to be installed and the IsLicensed checkbox is already on, it did not help


Make sure you have permissions for the BAQs that drive the EDD widgets. You will need to adjust the permissions in Menu Maintenance. By default they are locked down.


Also, I only have the Admin role. The roles may conflict with each other. I’d take off Viewer and Designer and try with just admin. We don’t have any user with multiple roles.

Thanks Chadd,

It seems to be something more subtle. After playing more it turns out my changes auto save if I go back to the dashboard using the breadcrumb menu on top. But I do not get any save menu. A colleague using the same server does.

He has an ellipsis menu over by the the refresh circle on the upper right. I do not.


So I can save, but I am not getting the menu item to make it easy. I am guessing it is a permission thing somewhere, but I have no idea of where to look.