I set the UD Code Type of a field in the extended properties but it doesn't show as a dropdown when I add it to a form

I created a UD Codes Type and set about 20-30 active codes. I created a UD field on the Ice.UD01 table (because for the fields that are already created UD Code Type is greyed in Extended Properties). I set the property to the correct UD Codes Types. I have a customization on JobEntry where I added UD01 has a Child Table to JobMtl. It worked great and I see the field but I expected a dropdown with the User Codes has values

Expected a dropdown here:

Does the dropdown appear when you have that as a regular EpiCombo box on the UI (not in a grid) and set the binding? Someone else might be able to chime in how to add a dropdown (EpiCombo) onto a grid, I haven’t had a need to try that yet.


Adding a EpiComboBox to the grid is fairly easy, all you need to do is make the control (the dropdown) not visible, then bind it to the grid.

In this example, we are binding the epiComboRebateProg control to the Key2 field in the grid.

rGrid is a reference to the grid on the screen, obtained similar to this:
rGrid = (EpiUltraGrid)csm.GetNativeControlReference(“8d65c88b-6b55-4c72-8b09-337fe16447c6”);
(obviously, you’ll have a difference guid for your grid)


The EditorControl is deprecated so I,m not sure it would work. Also, not sure how I could call InitializeLayout (custom event) on the UD01 since it’s a child table to JobMtl.

Did you configure it from an event?

Managed to get it working with Initialize Layout. I used anoter property (ValueList):

private void gridTags_InitializeLayout(object sender, Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.InitializeLayoutEventArgs args)
		EpiCombo combo = (EpiCombo)csm.GetNativeControlReference("97dc257f-b99d-43f7-ad46-2504f9a754bf"); //my hidden combo
		gridTags.DisplayLayout.Bands[0].Columns["UD_Type_c"].ValueList = combo;

Thanks for the help !