Ice.Menu any way to tell which menus are custom?

Happy Friday to anyone reading this today!

I need to easily see which menus we have created ourselves, that are not stock system menus.
Is there a way to do that easily? I’m, looking at Ice.Menu and I am not seeing a way there, but I’m not sure what the fields ‘OptionType’ or ‘OptionSubType’ are.


I believe the Module will be “UD” for any menu items you create, regardless of the actual “module” you placed the menu item in.

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I think you’re right. I just realized that when I came back here and saw your comment. Thanks!

Hi Logan and Tyler,

I think you can change the Module for new “custom” menu items. So the best is to look at the SystemFlag field of the Menu table.


The Menu items and most of custom components have a SystemFlag field. If SystemFlag = 0 then it is custom (UD).

You can SQL, BAQ or Add items to Solution Package and see them there.



Also if you are looking for Menu Items where you have a Customization Applied you can look at the Arguments column, I assume you have your Customizations prefixed, if so it will make it even easier to identify with a LIKE '%prefix_%'

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Before I answered I looked at the Ice.Menu table to see if there was a System Flag. I guess I didn’t scroll far enough over.

When I try to change the module on a custom menu item, I get the following error message:

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@carlosqt I don’t know how I missed the system flag…I’m thinking about the weekend. Thanks!!

@hkeric.wci Yeah, I did that, too.

I think my query is correct…here’s what it looks like.