ICE version Error during Upgrade

We are trying to upgrade from 10.1.400.0 to 10.1.400.13, we followed all of the steps and had no issue doing the .13 install. But when we open the EAC and try to upgrade our database from 10.1.400.0 to .13 we get an error staying “The upgraded ICE version 3.1.400.0 cannont be less than the current ice version 3.1.400.0”

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Been there, tried that…

You don’t want to upgrade the database you want to upgrade the application
server. Which, will-in-turn, run the needed conversation to upgrade the
database. The upgrade document goes over this in more detail. Generally,
you want to right-click on the Application Server you want to upgrade,
under* Server Management | SERVERNAME*, click Application Server
, Change the* Deployment V**ersion* to the version you are
upgrading to and select Deploy.


Norman Hutchins
Systems Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

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Yea adding an appserver did the trick. Thanks!