Ignore Backflush on Sales Order

There are some scenarios in our organization where we loan our finished goods out to customers.

This creates an issue where our inventory is back flushed upon shipment when in reality we would like to keep this in our inventory. Is it possible to flag a sales order as “do not backflush” or any other way you can think to accomplish this?

Is it possible to create a manual packing slip, tied to no sales order? This way we can manually move the inventory to a new location in Epicor so we know that the inventory is not here, but is in a “loaned” location.

You might want to consider setting up a separate “Plant” for these situations, and using a Transfer Order instead of a Customer Shipment. That keeps the inventory on your books, but separates it out for MRP and financial purposes. We’ve done that a couple of times for similar situations.

I am assuming you have the part on consignment to the customer and will invoice upon usage.

If this is the case, create a new warehouse for that customer with a bin (“Consign”?).

Then these steps would take place:

I don’t know what happened to this post but:

  1. If coming from manufacturing, create a receipt from job (Manufacturing Receipt) and place it into the consignment warehouse/bin. If you are consigning with multiple customers you can make the customer a bin or make the customer a warehouse.

  2. If coming from inventory, do a bin transfer from the current bin to the consignment warehouse/bin.

  3. Create a Miscellaneous shipment for the part(s) being shipped to the customer.

The inventory will still be in your system. You will se it in trackers and on inventory reports. The inventory will still be on-hand. You could even set up a min/max if you wanted to in order to keep an inventory level. MRP will recognize
all of this and react accordingly.

  1. When the customer reports that the part has been used/consumed, create a packing slip for the part(s) using the consignment warehouse/bin as where it was shipped out of. Then invoice as normal.

Inventory and costing will be maintained and you will have full visual tracking of those parts.

NOTE: If lot tracking, make sure they are reporting the lot they used. And make sure the reporting / communication is good. I suggest that they send you an inventory report consistently (I prefer weekly). Then you can reconcile it with
the on-hand for that warehouse/bin.

Charlie Smith

CRS Consulting Services