Managing backflush inventory


I wanted to ask how do you manage inventory for backflush items.
We are having an issue when we have for example bags set up as backflush and initially, we had 1000 bags and the shop floor takes 100 and our warehouse guys do an inventory they adjust it to 900 but we physically still have 1000 we have discrepancies

what recommendations

Backflush is a materials setting on a BOM. When the operation that material is tied to is completed, the material is automatically issued to the job. If you don’t record qty completed, backflushing won’t happen.

Not sure of the deatils around closing a job with unissued back flush materials. As in if they are automatically issued or not. (I think not, but it’s worth testing)

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It sounds like you are storing the part in Location A and initially it has 1000 on hand. Then a person grabs 100 for a job and sets it near the work center. The system still shows 1000 in location A since you haven’t reported the operation like @ckrusen said and you haven’t issued the material to a different location. At this time I imagine you are doing a cycle count and then you find that you only have 900 in location A (since 100 are at the work center). So you adjust out 100, but then the operation is backflushed so you lose another 100 out of inventory leaving with 800 on hand in the system when you really have 900… Is that the issue? @iddl1

yes exactly, some operators take a hand full or batch of bags and when the person who is charge of cycle counts does his check he adjusts them to 900 so we slowly have less every time and we make alot of adjustments . does anyone have this issue?

One way to handle this is to set a back flush warehouse to back flush from. Then do a transfer from the material warehouse to the back flush warehouse. The resource group may need need to be updated to indicate the new warehouse to back flush from.

A couple things that helped at one site

  • Waited until after the mfg shift had ended to check inventory levels, make adjustments. (able to do at this site only because the employees hours were staggered).
  • Built a query to list open/backflushed job materials with related operation details e.g. start dates,last labor, etc… so they’d have some idea if the parst in question were likley picked/used but not yet backflushed.

Of course the longer your build times, the harder it can be to keep track of pending backflushes.

For us we created a “Kit” op where all the raw materials that were going to be used in subsequent ops were collected. Once the operation was punched out, all of the materials are backflushed.

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