Index for SSRS PDF Report

Hello everyone,
I am trying to figure out how to create a table of contents for a large report. The report is often 100 pages or more, and each page can have one or more part numbers. I would like the TOC to list the part numbers in alpha order, and next to each part number list the page of the report that the part appears on.

I am building the report dataset with a BAQ. I am building the SSRS report with Report Builder 3.0.

I am not sure where to even begin with this. I appreciate any ideas!

SSRS supports Document Maps but I’ve never used them.

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This is close to what I want. My reports are always output in PDF, so I have to deal with the bookmarks it creates. The part numbers are now listed in my bookmarks, but they are listed in the same order as the report. Is there any way to sort the document map? From my quick research, it seems this may not be possible.

Has anyone else ever encountered a request like this? Is there any way to access the rendered page number of the report? I would love to get this TOC working correctly. I may have to figure out a third party approach. Maybe in Excel I can parse the PDF and list the page that each part number appears on. Hmmmm…

Now that I think about it, the TOC I am going for is more like an index. The parts are sorted by date in my report, but I want them sorted by alpha for the index. Does anyone know if SSRS document maps can be resorted, or used to create an index rather than a TOC?

I started down the rabbit hole of PDF parsing, Auto Hot Key, and other similar nightmares. I know that I can’t reference the page number variable within the body of the report, only the header and footer. This seemingly simple request seems more and more impossible to deliver.

I have another idea! I added a sort of summary page to the end of the report. In the summary page I would like to have a list or table that accesses the bookmarks collection. If I had some code to access that bookmark collection, then I could resort the bookmarks based on their label, and maybe get something close to what I need.

Is that bookmark collection accessible via code from the SSRS report builder 3.0?
Thanks for your time again!

When creating an SSRS report with Excel as the target format, setting the PageName property of the tablix, forces it to a new excel sheet. Perhaps that property can be used for your bookmarks.

I found this link that seems to suggest the bookmark data is stored in an editable way within the PDF. I think that if I could get the bookmarks to be sorted alphabetically, that might be enough. It would be ideal if I could also print the list of bookmarks and associated page numbers for reference.

Unfortunately I am working with Adobe Reader, so I don’t think I can use the linked approach.