INS-STK from RMA dispositions financial transaction


When we choose dispose to stock in RMA disposition it creates an INS-STK transaction which I assume is correct. My problem (I am at the financial department) is that it hits the wrong credit account. On the debit side it hits my inventory account, but on the credit side it hits our AR clearing account even thought I have set the GL control on my inventory COS and WIP.

Does anyone has the same experience? Or are we doing something wrong in the RMA processing?

Thanks for help!


Just to clarify, I have set up cost of returns account in both Product group and Inventory COS and WIP GL controls which is a different account than our AR clearing account

Here are some screenshots that might help you understand my problem. My cost of return account is 4080 but it credits my AR clearing account 1482 instead. Same cost of returns account is set up in product group GL control.




Have you recently upgraded your Epicor to 10.2.400.4 or above? You can refer to KB0090092 in EpicCare, we had the same problem and currently having to create manual journals monthly to offset the changed behaviour since the upgrade.
Alternatively, you have to disable the Flag the “Use A/R Clearing Accounting” under the Posting section through: System Setup > Company / Site Maintenance > Company Configuration > Modules > Finance > Accounts Receivable > General

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Do you use “AR clearing” functionality ?
What GL transaction you get when you ship the goods ?


Yes we use AR clearing. When warehouse packs the goods we get Debet (AR clearing) and credit (inventory) when we run capture cos and wip we get debet (cost of sales) and credit (AR clearing).

We are on 10.2.400.6 and it works i.e takes the correct GL a/c.

Vinay Kamboj

FYI, I believe the product group mentioned in the hierarchy pic is the one for the part itself (in Part Maintenance) and NOT the group on the original sales order. Kind of defies logic, but oh well.

It is an issue with AR Clearing being checked, but only needing it with the outbound orders. There is, supposedly, an enhancement in the works (ERPS-134606) to allow the choice for RMAs to not use the Clearing process but to go to the COS side instead. Anybody know if there is a way to see updates on ERPS numbers?

We use AR clearing, but do not have any issue with RMA’s being posted to this account.


Vinay Kamboj


I asked EpicCare for the Problem number, you can’t use ERPS-134606 to search in Problem Repository, unfortunately.
Here’s the Problem number: PRB0221563

Using manual entries can get you in a world of hurt tying things out. Unfortunately, Epicor was unable to provide a fix for existing transactions that went this way. There is supposed to be a flag for us to opt whether to use AR clearing for returns in 10.2.700 - not sure which release.

In the meantime, our cost accountant figured out if you fail the RMA to DMR, then accept the DMR to stock all the transactions flow like they used to and we don’t have to do manual journal entries.


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I’d hate to customize the posting rules, but it might be worth a look if they don’t give us the option.

Also check if you have any GL accounts for specific reason codes.

Yea, we are trying to avoid customizing the posting rules. The DMR is a good enough workaround for us for now. I think DMRs come in base Epicor but not 100% sure. We do have company config setup to move costs to DMR so that may be how we’re getting around not needed a custom posting rule.

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That’s interesting, we didn’t know that. But it would cost us to re-train the users with new ways and then revert back when the issue is fixed

One thing I’ve thought about doing for things like this is create a reason code, which would trigger a BPM that would then process the DMR automatically. This would also be helpful in our jobs to not hang up the job completion/closing process with parts that were scrapped during the job.