Insights 2019 Extended Education topics

Hi Everyone! I’m just getting started with the Insights 2019 extended education agenda. I’d love to hear about any topics you’d like to see us host. If there are anything that you feel would be good lab content I’d be happy to take those too! Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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Kinetic (Lab)
SDK (Lab)
REST (Lab)


what jose said…

  • reboot customization to the max instead of reusing the same old material (like 4 years running) and elevate contents for advanced users.

  • Kinetic (Lab)

  • REST (Lab)

  • Advanced Linq query writing for BPM’s (Lab)


Ditto to what these fine gentlemen have said.

For all courses on customizing the Epicor system, I would start to emphasize solutions that not only work but are solutions that upgrade well, and bonus points for cloud-friendly customizations. As there are books/seminars/videos on Clean Coding and Clean Architecture, [] Epicor should be leading the way in Clean Customizations. Alterations that are easy to upgrade, easy to understand, and use as much Clean methodology as possible. Want people to stay current on versions? Don’t teach them methods or sell solutions that hinder them from upgrading.

Mark W.


Yes to what Rob and Jose said.

Also agree with Mark and Rob, reboot of the labs, even the weekday ones with new content. I’m sure we could help come up with ideas.

I like when you link several together too; A BAQ lab that lead to updateable BAQ lab, and then to a dashboard lab. Take that idea with your Kinetic lab for the new active desktop


All great ideas!!! Thank you! If any of you guys are willing to co-present anything we can also work out a presenter deal!

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I’d be more than willing to present on REST or any other technical topics.
We also had an e10panel q&a last year which was very well received and would be great to have again.
I know (not to put words in their mouth) that @rbucek and @jgiese.wci would probably also be interested


Thinking out loud here, but maybe it’s time Epicor just had a developers conference/roadshow. Perhaps incorporating, different tracks based on skill levels, as well as the different technologies involved, as well as how as customers we can use other tools and technologies to get the best out of our investment. Perhaps having other vendors demonstrate some of their solutions working with Epicor as well.

I know that probably my last sentence flies in face of the whole conference product showcase thing, but there are more ways to sell product other than selling the product if you get my meaning. Epicors E10help interaction is a great example.

Anyway, just an idea.


I’m willing to help as needed.

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I really don’t understand what the point of the Extended Education sessions are other then they have always had them.

If it is to provide training, you can now host live training sessions online at no cost at all. If it is to build a community of developers, that can now be done with code repositories. If it is to generate a few thousand dollars in revenue, well there has to be easier ways to do that then to host Extended Education sessions once a year.

My advice would be to figure out what purpose these sessions are to serve then get rid of them and serve that purpose.

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It an opportunity to get some extra learning in while everyone is going to be at the same place already. However let’s not turn this topic into a referendum on Extended Education. We can make a new topic for that if its warranted. Epicor is being nice enough and asking for our input on this let’s take the opportunity given


The biggest one around extended ed is that most topics cannot be hands on and in depth in 45 minutes. If you have feedback on the content or suggestions on topics, I’d love to hear that.

@Staci_Stahr_Cummings and all of our EU folks are very accessible and those little email feedback links get fast response (and not just from my constant use of them).

Speak up, happy to hear some enthusiastic feedback :wink:


A few more suggestions @Staci_Stahr_Cummings if you don’t mind

Advanced troubleshooting and debugging techniques for finding issues @aidacra did one like this a few years ago. How to solve a problem, how to assist support with your issues

Epicor internals deep dive understand the architecture and framework of the application from soup to nuts

It would also be extremely helpful if each extended ed (as well as the regular sessions) were better labeled (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) is not always enough maybe a university style 101, 201, , 301 etc… something more clear maybe list general pre-reqs
Some of us have been doing Epicor for a long time and although we all need the basics having some really deep dive advanced stuff would be welcomed.

Again going back to my original suggestions,
Kinetic deep dive (architecture, framework etc)
Security (I am willing to bet that 90% of users admin users that is don’t know much else beyond menu security) , TOken authentication, binding schemes, SSO, Process Security , Field Security… the works!


I second the security.


A third for me. Super important, but hard to understand for the uninitiated like me.


To all future posters on this topic. This topic is for helpful suggestions to Epicor (which has graciously thought to include us) for sessions and labs. This is not to discuss the merit of Insights or the sessions themselves. Please keep it constructive. Take those discussions to the Off Topic area if you wish to have them. I will delete future posts of this nature.



Simon - your comment on having other vendors demonstrate some of their solutions working with Epicor - are you suggesting partners who have integrations to Epicor?

Hi John,

Extended education sessions are more indepth than the labs - remember, 4 hours long. It allows you to take advantage of more indepth training while you’re already making the trip for the conference. While you’re correct that some of these topics can be attended virtually, we have Epicor resources across product management, consulting, development, QA, and Epicor University in these sessions - so you are getting access to many more experts than you would in a virtual session.


I second security and would just add to cover Multi-Company menu security - best practices

For non-technical more operational sessions I would suggest Multi Company setup w/use of Global Functionality, Deferred Revenue and Expense Accounting, one on capabilities of the different Quality modules offered.

I do second revamping the general session presentations. Some of us go to Insights each year and sometimes attends the same session each year as the discussions are always different, however the presentations slides sometimes stays the same.

Hope it’s ok to toss in some suggestions for general sessions for other modules like Rebates, Packout Management, How to move forcast data between Epicor and Forecast PRO, Electronic Payment setup to name a few.