Insights 2022 (Attendance Poll)

Just curious how COVID-19 has continued to affect our user group with regards to Attending Insights 2022. Anonymous poll (no shaming- yes I copied most of this from a previous poll Jose made)

  • Company Instituted Travel Restrictions (May not make it)
  • I will still be at Insights come hell or high water
  • On the Fence (waiting to see)
  • Choosing not to go

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Option E: Depends on who the entertainment is. :sweat_smile:


FYI… Insights 2022 is scheduled to be in NASHVILLE at the Gaylord Hotel this year. The dates are 5/23 - 5/25 plus extended ed the weekend before (just like always). Stating this just in case you hate Vegas, and this changes your mind :wink:


I don’t know if the company is going to send anyone this year, so on the fence but not because of Covid. I also have a vacation Memorial Day weekend so may not be able to be away from work that many days.

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Plus one for me on that. I’m an East-Coaster and Vegas is definitely not my scene.

I still have yet to actually make one of these things, but from my “experience” on the sidelines, I preferred the Tuesday-Thursday schedule that I think it used to be. Last few years have been Monday-Wednesday, which kind of forces you to travel on a Sunday. I’d rather travel on a work day, so that I can miss work in the name of work… I guess other people hate to be away that long?!


When the start date is on Monday, that means the evening welcome stuff is on Monday. You can still travel on Monday with dates that are listed. The run extended ed stuff on Sunday and Monday, then when that’s done, usually around 4, they have the welcome meet and greet thing.

Edit – I guess I’m wrong on that. Thanks @timshuwy


Actually, i believe that it starts monday morning… the first Wine & Cheese will probably be Sunday PM, and extended ed will be Saturday & Sunday. There was one year where it was Tuesday - Thursday with Extended Ed on Sun/Mon… but that was a rare event. Guess we will need to wait until the official schedule is released.
OOPS: I stand Corrected per @amelton:
Extended Education will be Sunday and Monday (May 22 & 23)
Welcome Reception is Monday evening (May 23)
Tues-Thurs will be Keynotes, Sessions, & Labs (May 24-26)

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I have been to 14 Insights… I only remember one year that it was Tuesday - Thursday. Most of the time it has been an “Arrive on Sunday, leave on Wednesday” schedule… we added the Extended Ed probably about 10 years ago, and that was always the Two days prior to the event.
The typical schedule is:
Sunday PM: Wine & Cheese greeting
Monday AM: Everyone together, roadmaps, etc
Monday PM: Breakouts
Monday Evening: Another wine & Cheese
Tuesday AM: Keynote speaker - Balance of day: Breakouts
Tuesday Evening: DINNER & Special Guest/Music event/Comedian… (One year we had Jay Leno).
Wednesday: Breakouts and go home.

BUT THIS YEAR per @amelton:
Extended Education will be Sunday and Monday (May 22 & 23)
Welcome Reception is Monday evening (May 23)
Tues-Thurs will be Keynotes, Sessions, & Labs (May 24-26)


Thanks Tim!

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Totally prefer Nashville over Vegas… although the year it was in Florida Gaylord Convention Center was… ahem, freaking awesome. Fun night at Universal is still my high water mark for Insights, sorry Mr. Bentley, Mr Gaffigan.
I skipped Vegas due to the ambiguity and late finalization of protocols for airports, state, city, hotel and the Epicor conference itself as they were not clear or solidified by the time our team was required to decide/commit by our company. But other teammates went, learned a lot and as it turns out, it was less restrictive than I thought so I should have gone. It was totally understandable and what could Epicor have safely done differently - I cannot think of much. And yet it was and is frustrating, as things were in flux trying to get a grip on the early variants, are still in quite a flux, now with Omicron. “It’s like deja vu all over again”. I hope it works out this year.

Crazy again Henry no doubt!

Yes! IIRC there were two in FL one at Disney and the one at the Orlando Gaylord. Those two were the best Insights ever.

Isn’t crazy the new normal?

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Pretty wild

I don’t know about hell or high water, but…

Our company will be sending a couple of us. Need to stay on top of the changes of Kinetic and see when/if enough has been done to push us over to it.

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I agree Randy, looking forward to seeing the new changes and continuing to learn more about application studio and the framework.

Hoping to move to kinetic early next year or late next year 2024.

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Hi Utah,

We have a ton of customizations that will have to be done over again, but right now, the layout of those screens seem to lose a ton real estate. We don’t know how our users are going to react to how Kinetic works.

Are you running into any of those issues?

We have very little customization so I am not concerned with that.

I believe you can still use the classic forms Randy… I just don’t know how long they will support those forms in Kinetic.

So ultimately, yes we will have to convert our customizations (big or small) to kinetic, but I think you can still proceed with current customizations to classic forms.

Of course, an upgrade like this is always going to bring some headache with customizations given schema changes or BO changes.

In any case, I don’t see customizations being a huge hurdle for us. We are waiting for stabilization of the version.

Unfortunately, we are not as lucky. We want to move, but like you said, it does not seem to be very stable right now. A colleague tried testing some things and opened three tickets on things are not working. lol

We are going to continue to use Classic till we can’t anymore I think. The problem becomes if anything new is created from Epicor, Classic won’t be part of that new improvement. So eventually, we will have to make that change.

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I see… yeah I wonder what most people are doing in terms of creating new customizations in once on the newer version. Are they doing them in the kinetic screen and the classic and maintaining both? Are they pausing new customizations, etc.?